To our viewers, the straight community, friends, and family,

***** This research piece is not for monetary gain, or public distribution, this is for the community and for informational and educational purposes only. Please do not share it with those you do not trust or publicly post at this time (feel free to share privately via email and Facebook please). There are people who will surely attempt to take this project offline, another issue we have faced countless times over the years, in the case of such an event we are prepared for another avenue of release. *****

For years we have been attempting to tell the story of Straight Incorporated and today marks the release of a documentary created specifically for the survivors of Straight, their friends, family, and psychologists. Welcome to Fix My Kid.

For those who don't know us and our story, we are young filmmakers, civil rights advocates, and passionate about this subject matter. We have faced lawsuits, attempted to find financing, and worked for thousands of hours out of our living room, to try and tell this story. But we, like you, couldn't wait any longer for someone to believe in this project as much as we have. For those who have stuck with us through this process, understood the countless struggles we have faced, and shared your incredible stories with us, we thank you. For those who never thought anything like this would be released, we understand your frustrations and hope that this piece can provide even the faintest glimmer of hope in the darkness.

This film by no means tells the full story of Straight (you can't possibly do so in 90 minutes) but our mission for this piece was to provide a documentary that could be shared with family members, other survivors, and friends, to shed light on this incredibly abusive institution. The purpose is to provide a stranger with a basic understanding about what happened to the clients of Straight and the lasting effects it has had on their lives. This is only the tip of the ice-berg of years of research, interviews with survivors, and experts.

Our ultimate goal is to use this research piece to pitch a documentary series to fully tell the story of Straight Incorporated, but we know that people can't wait for that to come. So while there are many issues presented here that need to be dissected further, (and so many untold stories) this film is intended to be the start of a larger conversation, and hopefully a path to healing.

As a warning to our viewers, proceed with caution, watch it with someone you trust, pause it when necessary, and take any breaks that you may need. It is a difficult subject and even more so for those who experienced the abuse first hand. Drug addiction in adolescents is a very real and widespread problem. Children deserve evidence based treatment provided by qualified personnel; programs like Straight Incorporated do not provide that kind of treatment.

In the coming weeks we will schedule a Q&A on Facebook to answer any questions you may have. For those who would like to contact us sooner, please at anytime, feel free to email us at

We thank you so much for your time and patience.

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