If you are looking to reconnect with fellow Straight Inc. Survivors, here are a few places you can go:

Straight Inc. Registry - A registry of Straight Inc. Survivors. A private and semi-anonymous way to reconnect with those you were in Straight with.

Message Boards

  • Fornits - An open discussion about the troubled parent industry, online since 2000. There is a Straight Inc. board on here as well as several others.

  • Troubed Teen Industry - Troubled Teen forum.

  • Straight Inc. Alumni - Yahoo Group for survivors. It's been online since 2001 and is very active.

  • Phuck Str8 - A Yahoo Group for haters of Straight!

  • After Straight - Social network for former clients of Teen/Peer Rehab centers e.g. Straight Inc, Kids Helping Kids, KID

Facebook Groups

Branch Specific Facebook Groups