Straight Inc. Registry

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We are building a Registry of those in Straight Inc. Here is how it will work. Fill out the form if you wish to be included in the registry. All fields are required, however for last name you may put just the initial.

Then we will allow people to search the registry by program and dates, if they find a person they think they know, they will send a message to them through our site (your email address will never be made public). Once you receive the message from them, you may then respond to them via email, or if you choose not to respond, do nothing.

This way everyone's contact info stays hidden until they are ready to give it out and you can remain relatively anonymous by not posting your last name. Over the years we've seen how important it is for other Survivors to reconnect, especially with people they were in Straight with.

If you were in more than one Straight branch please include those, you may list up to 3 branches.

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Sibling or Client?

Program 1: - From: - To:

Program 2: - From: - To:

Program 3: - From: - To:

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